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Over 10 years experience as a freelance Illustrator, Interior Designer and Mural Artist.


Amy founded CULT MILK in 2015; a female driven Art Collective from Brighton. They specialise in interactive creative events and arts and crafts.

In 2016 Amy co-founded CULT DIY; a female taught series of DIY workshops hosted monthly at The Lick Warehouse, Brighton.



Amy Brown is passionate about developing her art and helping others to discover their own voice through the visual arts. We see collaboration and community as reoccurring themes in her work. Moving from the 2D to 3D, Amy creates imaginative and playful immersive worlds for adults and children.  


A female driven Brighton Art Collective 

Amy Brown founded CULT MILK in 2015. A female driven art collective specialising in interactive and playful community art and creative events.

Find out more about CULT MILK by visiting their website.

CULT DIY was founded in 2016 by Amy Brown, Becky Bick and Eli Harston. It specialises in teaching DIY skills to a female demographic. Find out more by visiting the website.


Amy is available to teach a variety of Arts and Crafts workshops at public or private events. Please email for further details.


Would you like your private party or corporate event to have a super fun creative twist? If so, please email for further details.

Left is an image from TED x Brighton's Silent Disco - Curated and DJ'd by Amy Brown + CULT MILK 

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